Welcome to Khaleej Bakeries and Pastries
Established in year 1978
One of the very first bakeries of capital city AbhuDhabi
Produce premium quality products
Unique and fully automated world class facilities for production
Serving to wide spectrum of clients (functions at palaces, Star hotels, Catering Providers, Corporate and Retail customers)
Prime importance to quality and hygiene
An innovative industry leader for its excellence in production
Distributing products through extensive sales outlets
Offer exceptional services ahead of time by understanding client requirements
Customer satisfaction is our treasure

Our Mission

We are committed to produce highest quality, affordable bakery products for all occassions by using the latest technology with top priority to hygiene, make them available everywhere in UAE and to be the lead supplier to corporate and retail customers within United Arab Emirates.

Our Values

We believe the 'baking' requires attitude, excellent skills, craftsmanship and desire for perfection in creation in extremely hygienic conditions. We value our customers, produce premium quality and healthy products, concentrate on customer satisfaction, meet requirements ahead of time and maintain International standards of food safety.